Sunday, February 13, 2011

Show Some Respect

Okay, I admit it, I'm an animal, a very cute, even adorable animal, but an animal nevertheless. If you're reading this so are you - an animal I mean, not cute and adorable.  If you are a human then that is very unlikely.  There are of course two other alternatives.  You could be a rock or a vegetable.  I know many humans have rocks in their heads and are vegetative though that seems unlikely in your case since you have the good sense and taste to be reading my blog.  I always have a little piggy giggle when humans say about other humans "Hah, they're nothing but a bunch of animals."  Talk about the pot called the kettle.............etc.  Why do you humans assume that you have a superior intelligence to the rest of the animal kingdom?  You have a different intelligence, I will grant you that.  You might be able to read, write, blow each other to mincemeat in your many wars and lose bucket loads of money on the stock market, but can you recognise someone by sniffing their poo?  Can you, for example, ambush an impala and drag it up a tree before the hyenas or lions get to it?  Can you fly without climbing into a metal tube with a couple of highly flammable, extremely noisy thrusting things strapped to it?  Can you navigate your way from the flood plains of northern Australia to the frozen tundra of Siberia by means of invisible magnetic fields?    No, I don't think you can, so you humans can stop acting so bloody superior right now.

And another thing while I'm on the subject.  What make's you humans think you have the right to put the rest of us to "sleep" whenever you feel like it?  A horse injures itself and can no longer work for the human.  Put it to sleep, it's no longer worth anything.  What a horrible attitude.  Would you do that to your granny when she goes a bit loopy?  You'd probably like to I know, but the stupid government won't let you.   It's the same thing. she's still an animal like the poor old horse who may be unable to work but can still have a happy, quiet life if his injury can be mended.  I've told Pea and Chook that if I should accidentally fall off their lap and dislocate my hip when I'm having my fur brushed, they're to take me immediately to the nearest vet (From what I've heard about Queensland doctors a vet is a better bet for humans too.) and get my injury seen to without having me "put down."  And what a strange term that is.  Put down where exactly?  Put down in the basement?  Put down the toilet?  What?  It all sounds very undignified anyway.

And don't get me started on recreational fishermen.  Uh oh too late - I've started.  Now that it has been proven that fish feel pain why is it thought acceptable to shove a barbed hook into a fishes mouth and then yank the line that it is attached to - for fun!  They're not even going to eat the animal, they're going to kiss it on it's injured head and lob it back where it came from.  What a pointless exercise.  Fine, if you intend to eat the fish by all means catch it, otherwise leave it alone.  Can you imagine people being allowed to do that to any other animal.

"Bye darling.  I'm just off with the lads for an afternoon of sticking great steel barbs into possums' mouths.  Can your order a pizza for us for when we get home?"  As an animal myself I have no objection to animals who eat other animals, even though I'm strictly vegetarian myself.  I fully understand that some of us are required to eat meat and fish to remain healthy.  Lions are carnivores, humans are omnivores and guinea pigs are herbivores, but at least kill what you're going to eat with minimum pain and maximum dignity.

Some Kalahari bushmen will weep and praise an animals spirit when they've hunted it down.  I don't expect humans to burst into tears every time they sit down in front of a T-bone steak, but at least have some respect for a fellow creature.

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