Thursday, July 11, 2013

Billy On Safari

Day 1
Lion Sands 

Africa scares me. The bush chocolate is bigger than I am.

Welcome Peter? What about Billy?
Our room at Lion Sands.

Wheeeek! Too close for comfort!

A cape buffalo. The world's scariest moo cow.

A tree squirrel. Basically a guinea pig up a tree.

A beautiful white rhino. His name is Neal.
Rhino Neal..........Hah! Get it?
Please yourselves.


  1. hahaha, Rhino Neil, yeah got it :D The bush chocolate looks pretty bigger than you are, Billy, but isn´t so well shaped like yours at all! btw in German we call it literally poopills :)

  2. Typist has been thinking about this all weekend and she still don't get rhino neil?!

    1. Oh for goodness sake, you'll have to explain it to her Dalton. Ryan O'Neal - Love Story. I had spelled his name incorrectly though.