Saturday, July 13, 2013

Billy On Safari 3

Day 3
Mala Mala

Dawn start as usual. Cold enough to freeze a guinea pig's bush chocolate.

Someone who looks down on everyone.

Fork tailed drongo. Very similar to Australia's spangled drongo.

This is what my male staff calls "a nippo"

What a noble fellow.

 Three adult giraffes and a very shy baby.

Breakfast in the bush.

Relaxing on our private deck at Mala Mala.
The smell of my male staff's feet is keeping the predators at bay.

Why do we always get the crappy rooms?  
Mala Mala.


  1. Billy, does your male staff actually work???

    1. He says "Do you think it's easy having to eat 5 star cuisine and drink fine wine for a living?"