Monday, July 15, 2013

Billy On Safari 4

Day 4
A glorious African Sunrise.
Another day, another crappy room........
.......another huge crappy deck and another private crappy plunge pool.
Indoor and outdoor shower. My male staff couldn't make his mind up which to have so he turned both on, went inside and stuck one leg out of the door. 
Not only did we have our own private plunge pool, but we had our own private elephant too.
Big spotty pussy cat up a tree.
Trees grow very quickly here. This is what happens if you stand still in one place too long.
Roadblock African style.
You don't argue with African roadblocks.
A very unsociable bird. He kept telling us to "Go away".
A klipspringer. Africa's only legless antelope. He escapes predators by rolling down hills.
Donkeys in pyjamas.
A very cute baby pelican.
Brothers in arms. Sorry they're a bit blurred - they were drunk.
Africa. The most romantic continent on earth.  Male male staff even kissed my head.
Lastly.........Africa's most vicious predator. Especially if you happen to be a sprig of coriander.

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  1. Beautiful safari pics,Billy. Forgive your male staff the kiss on your head, just means he feels very well (glad to read this!)