Friday, July 26, 2013

Billy On Safari - Back In The Bush 2


The African moon. Funny, it looks just like the Australian one.

A white backed vulture waiting patiently for my male staff to decompose a little. 
Actually it smells like he won't have to wait long.

A medium sized pelican.

We had some excitement this morning. A large male lion approached a pride of fourteen,
 comprised of mostly females, but also three juvenile males and a half grown cub.

He was still quite impressive, but probably getting close to his
 "Best Before Date".
Nevertheless he was easily up to the task of chasing the three young males away.
Which he tried to do, slightly injuring one in the process, and traumatising the cub.

The females of the pride weren't going to put up with such loutish behavior
 and turned on the big old male. An incredible fight ensued,
 snarling and roaring so loud that I could feel my furry little chest vibrating.
Suddenly there were lions running in all directions all around us.
When the dust had settled the old male limped away with deep wounds to his hind quarters 
and what looked like a slightly damaged muzzle and a partially closed eye.

My male staff wanted to take him to the vet, but unfortunately
 our guide said it might
 not be such a good idea. Spoilsport! 
Anyway, he said that lions are tough and that both the big male and the
 juvenile would be as right as rain in three or four days.

A mother comforts her traumatised cub after the fight.

We came across the big male again a little later, recuperating in a nice spot of shade.

Still, at least while the lions are scrapping amongst them selves they're not
 eating cute little bush bucks like this.....................................

 ...............................Or cute little guinea pigs like this.

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