Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bloody Foreigners

I may have mentioned this before. My male staff is a people smuggler. Don't tell anyone I told you, particularly not the Australian Federal Police. People smugglers are not popular in Australia right now as they keep bringing dark skinned people in perilously leaky boats to Aussie waters, where they either sink and drown or are carted off by immigration officials to miserable detention centres in the desert. Here they are demonised by politicians and press alike as being illegal immigrants, which they are not. They are refugees seeking asylum.

I'll say this about the mainstream media in Australia; there's only one thing they dislike more then xenophobia, and that's bloody foreigners. The idiotic shock-jock Alan Jones, so called radio personality, (Though actually he has none.) even went as far as suggesting that Australians should boycott Kit-Kat chocolate bars because Nestle had labeled them as halal. This is a deeply ignorant man. Does he think that Kit-Kats have to be slaughtered in a certain way to make them halal. This is the level of discussion we have to put up with. The terrifying thing is that Jones has a lot of influence. People take notice of what he says and then take up the issue with their elected politicians, most of whom have neither the courage nor the intellect to tell them to get a life.

Having said that my male staff is a people smuggler I should add that he calls himself a travel agent. I can't see the difference myself. Both are paid vast sums of money to get people to where they would rather be, though I think people smugglers get to keep more of it than travel agents. In any case my male staff is not very good at it. People give him lots of money, he gives them an airline ticket, and bugger me if they don't come back a couple of weeks later. He must be sending them to some truly awful places - like Adelaide. But here's the thing. They come back to him a few months down the track and give him more money. Once again he gives them an airline ticket and sure enough in two weeks time they're back. You'd think they'd learn a lesson and try a different people smuggler wouldn't you; someone more competent, someone who knows where better places than Australia can be found. Humans! I'll never understand them.

Another fool with a lot of influence - at least in Australia is Lord Monckton. I saw him on telly through the bars of my cage last night - damn his goggly eyes. It should be him in a cage not me. This geezer is the world's leading climate change denier, which would be fine with me if he had a jot of scientific evidence to back up his argument, but whats he got? Nada, zilch, sod all and nothing. In his native Britain he's ignored, or at best treated as the poor demented soul he his. He has to come to Australia to get anyone to listen to him. We do listen too. He even scored a gig speaking at Notre Dame University, sponsored by guess who. Yep - Gina Rinehart, mining magnate and serial greenhouse gas producer. He's entitled to his loopy theories of course, same as I'm entitled to mine, but I have a more scientifically based background than he does. At least real scientists perform experiments with guinea pigs.  

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