Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Billy Out Of Africa - part two

And it came to pass that we departed Nairobi and drove all the way to Arusha in neighbouring Tanzania. Then it also came to pass that we had forgotten to pack Badger and had to drive all the way back to Nairobi again where we found him chewing the grass on the hotel's lawn. I glared at him, but he just blew a raspberry at me.

Anyway, once Badger was on board we drove all the way back to Arusha and then on to a big lake called Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Around the lake there lives a population of mutant guinea pigs called hyrax. My male staff says they are actually a relative of the elephant - something to do with their feet apparently. Badger says that's nonsense and he knows all about feet. He says they are a race of alien guinea pigs sent from planet Cavy to free all earthly guinea pigs from the tyranny of humanity. Now I ask you. Which sounds more likely?

A mutant alien guinea pig from the planet Cavy.

There were other strange creatures living on the shores of Lake Manyara too - things called olive baboons. We watched them for ages and all they did was lay in the road and fiddle with each others bits and pieces. My male staff turned to my female staff and said "How come you never do that to me?" My female staff said something to him that I didn't quite catch, but it sounded a little like "Go and get plucked." But since male staff doesn't have feathers I may have been mistaken.
 Olive baboons sharing an intimate moment in the middle of the road.

Next we moved on to Ngorongoro Crater which is named after the sound made by the Masai tribesmen's cattle bells. I had to laugh because these days if they named the Crater after a typical Masai noise it would be called "Diddle-ee-dee-diddle-ee-dee-diddle-ee-dee-dee Crater" after the sound of the Masai tribesmen's cell phone ring tones. Nevertheless the Crater is a stunning place. Even Badger was impressed.
Spectacular Ngorongoro Crater from the rim.

There were lots of interesting creatures down in the crater. Crowned cranes for example as pictured below.
This animal's name is Ena. Say Hi Ena.

One thing I will say about Tanzanian lions is that they have a sense of humour. The one pictured below overheard my male staff saying that he wears the trousers in his household.

And finally, let's face it, you just can't beat an African sunset.

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