Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disorganised Rabble

I really enjoy chatting to my friends on Twitter. They are many and varied. I have human friends, guinea pigs, donkeys, capybaras, dogs, cats, squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits, turtles, horses, goats and even a gecko, though I haven't heard from him lately. I have a horrible feeling that one of the cats ate him. It's so sad when one of your animal friends dies. Even though you don't know them personally you feel as though you do. Animals share some quite intimate things when they're tweeting - humans do too for that matter. So far I've lost two guinea pig friends and a cat friend to the big animal sanctuary in the sky. Word quickly gets around the twitterverse and soon animals and humans are tweeting sympathy messages. It's quite touching really. People and animals who have never met each other offer best wishes and support. It's good to see that social media can be used positively as well as for organising riots.

Well, it took a few months longer than expected, but Mr Gaddafi finally appears to be on the way out. Even as I type this with my little furry paws it seems as though the rebels are closing in on his stronghold. Right now they're pulling their trousers down and mooning him as he peers down from one of the windows. The fact that Gaddafi held out for so long is a testament to the excellent support and weaponry that NATO has offered him over the past few years. NATO's next challenge will be propping up the disorganised rabble that looks set to depose the ugly old old bastard, and to keep the more rabid Islamists from gaining power, as seems quite likely in Egypt. What a bloody mess! Jeez you humans are hopeless. You really shouldn't be left in charge of the world. Maybe the animals could stage a bloodless coup and take over. Then the world would be a much happier place, just like in George Orwell's "Animal Farm". Er, okay.....bad example.

Still on the subject of disorganised rabbles, the Australian Federal Government is in more trouble. One of it's MPs allegedly used a union credit card to pay for rude ladies when he was a union official. He denies the allegations but is under pressure to resign or be sacked. This outcome seems unlikely since the government has a majority of one (assuming enough independents vote their way). Just imagine what would happen if this guy's penchant for rude ladies brought down the government. Tony (You can't measure carbon) Abbott could be Prime Minister. Worse still, but only just, Barnaby (Six sheep plus 2 sheep is 11 sheep) Joyce could be Deputy Prime Minister. The current government may be a disorganised rabble, but they are at least a sane-ish disorganised rabble. They do at least believe in science not creationism. Where climate change is concerned they take their cue from the internationally respected CSIRO (Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organisation) not loopy, obnoxious shock jocks like Alan Jones and deranged British aristocrats like Lord Monckton.

Can you imagine the USA under President Sarah Palin? Taxes would be outlawed, gun ownership would be compulsory, as would bear hunting, and it would be illegal to drive a motor vehicle without at least one elk strapped to the hood/bonnet. Well similarly here in Australia under a government lead by Abbott and Joyce the average Joe and Joanne would be forced to pay air polluting big businesses to stop polluting. And yet there are plenty of humans out there willing to vote for that sort of thing. If Tony Abbott wins the next general election and my staff have to pay some bloody multi-national mining company to stop polluting it'll give them an excuse for saying they can't afford to buy me fresh vegies. If this happens, I'll blame the government for being such a disorganised rabble.


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