Sunday, December 19, 2010

Demented Blue Bat

It took me a couple of days to find my feet in my new surroundings. I have to tell you it was pretty scary. I've never been kissed and cuddled so much in my life. Pea and Chook are seriously deranged. At least that what I thought at first. Now I know they're only mildly insane and not really a danger to the public.

I share the house with a couple of budgies who are apparently called Paolo and Biggles. They live in cage on the other side of the room from where they toss feathers onto the floor and chirp a lot. Biggles likes to fly around while Pea and Chook clean his cage. This is rather alarming and I usually hide in my red shelter when he's flapping around in case he has a bit of an accident while flying overhead. Paolo seems much more sedate and sits in his house the whole time admiring himself in the mirror or hanging upside-down like a demented blue bat.

Now, the worst thing about living in Australia (Apart from Home And Away.) can be the heat and humidity. Especially living - as I do - in Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland, and even more especially when you're wearing (permanently I might add) a bloody great full length fur coat. On hot December days when both the temperature and humidity are soaring I tend to sit in my drinking water. This has the dual benefits of cooling me down and giving Chook a nasty shock when she picks me up. Pea suggested wringing me out and hanging me on the washing line by my ears, but thankfully this idea was rejected by Chook as my ears would have stretched, leaving me looking like a sawn-off rabbit.

So all in all I've settled in at Pea and Chook's house and to be frank things could be a lot worse. I get fed twice a day and if I want attention all I have to do is poo in my drinking water and squeal and someone is sure to come running. I run around the floor most nights when Pea and Chook are watching television, so I get a bit of exercise and if I squeal while I run it seems to amuse Pea and Chook no end. If only they knew what I was saying. Usually its "Oi! You two! Can one of you put me back in my cage I'm dying for a slash."

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