Monday, February 6, 2017


Okay, I agree.  I've been told that you have to live in America to understand how dreadful things were under President Obama.  Never mind the FACT that unemployment decreased under his watch. Never mind the FACT that the deficit' if not exactly brought under control was at least vastly decreased under his watch after the excesses of George Dubya.  Never mind the FACT that millions of Americans could finally afford health care under his watch.  Never mind the FACT that the Dow Jones index reached record highs under his watch.  Never mind the FACT that we'll never know how may lives the Republican party's blocking of gun control measures cost under his watch.

In the end if Americans are naïve enough to fall for Donald Trump's ALTERNATIVE FACTS it has nothing to do with me as an Australian and I should butt out.  I can almost forgive him for being a racist. I can almost forgive him for being a compulsive liar even when faced with REAL FACTS.  I can almost forgive him for being  Islamophobic.  I can almost forgive him for being homophobic.  I can almost forgive him for being a misogynist and I can almost forgive him his nauseating narcissism.  However, what I can't forgive is his science denying stupidity because it is this that promises to turn the planet into a dustbowl with his head in the sand attitude to climate change.  Of all his very many faults, it is this one which has the potential to effect every single living thing on Planet Earth.  (Providing he doesn't start a nuclear war first of course.)

Does he really believe it's a Chine conspiracy or is this just another of his moronic populist thought bubbles aimed at his Trumpets and Trumpettes.  Either way it's dumb and dangerous, like the man himself.  Sure Australia has it's own self promoting science denying fools - former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson to name but two.  However Tony was dumped by his own Liberal Party when he became too extreme and Pauline Hanson will never get the approval of more than ten or fifteen of the voters because most Australians can recognise a self interested, ignorant populist when the smell one. 

I know many American who loathe Trump as much as I do and simply can't understand what just happened to their great nation.  I probably know only two Americans who openly admit that they are Trump supporters and when asked their reasons they are muddled and confused and full of contradictions.  Like "Trump will bring back American jobs."  This is the man who had his "Make America Great Again" campaign caps made in China, and this is the man who belongs to the brand of industrialist who automated the factories where now one person does the job of twenty.  This is a man who is Wall Street's best pal.  This is the man who will deregulate the hell out of everything and will create another GFC if he and his cronies are not brought to account.  By the way this is also the man who intends to dismantle affordable health care for the poorest Americans because the USA can't afford it, but intends to give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to his richest countrymen, while increasing the military and building a wall of wasted money along the Mexican border.

For all our sakes America, resist this man by all legal means possible.  He's not your saviour.  He's not the man to unite a fractured nation, in fact he's just the man to tear it apart for good.  I may be just a deceased rodent but I'm pretty certain that America and the rest of the world cannot afford this man for so many reasons.


  1. The fact you are wiser than most of the human population, is not a total surprise but does make me wonder about the future of this planet!

  2. We American piggies and our humans are very, very scared of what's happening in our country. Can we maybe come stay with you?

    -- Sebastian and Oliver

  3. We Americans humans and rodents are screw.i wonder what kind of guinea pig is living on top of Trump's head?